Aerial photos are an eye catcher and a great memory. UAV's shoot informative, impressive and aesthetic aerial footage replacing and surpassing tall tripods, camera cranes and manned helicopters in flexibility, quality and efficiency.

Once in the air, they are quickly ready to take high-quality aerial photos and film from various perspectives. Our UAV's can be mounted with a choice of different cameras  that are mounted underneath, and are flexible for use at heights from 0 to 120m indoors, overland and even over water. The live image transmitted from the drone to the ground control station allows the right angle for the perfect aerial photo to quickly be determined, up to 4k resolution.

The special propulsion configuration combined with the high-precision camera mount ensure a very smooth flight – even in wind velocities up to 8m/s. The active camera stabilisation and vibration isolation ensure the horizon is always level. also produce original and moving commercials and company presentations. Upon first contact, you will find a friendly and knowledgeable staff that is dedicated to finding a solution to your particular needs. We love photography and film and are more than happy to assist every customer in making the best decision regarding design, editing, cameras, and the benefits of film or photo. We truly take pleasure in providing our clients with a unique perspective of their product, their company, their people and their image.

We are a fully working, licensed and insured company, based in Malmö Sweden.